Watch Michael Fassbender Get ‘Filthy’ in an Exclusive Clip From Shame


When Michael Fassbender strolls into work (late, mind you) during this exclusive clip from Shame, the situation is a little more fraught than it initially may appear. The night before, Fassbender's sister (Carey Mulligan) crossed a boundary with his married boss (Rubicon's James Badge Dale), and now Fassbender's been called into that same boss's office. Will either man acknowledge what went down, or the circumstances that made Fassbender late for work? As you can see in this clip, at Dale's lead, they attempt to smooth right over it ... that is, until Dale calls him on the carpet for a bit of telling evidence about Fassbender's big secret: He's an obsessive sex addict. And don't worry, though the movie (out in limited release this weekend) may be NC-17, this clip is a rare safe-for-work one.