Mindy Kaling Has Social Anxiety and a Suggestion for Your Next Dinner Party


The Office star-producer-writer Mindy Kaling officially has another credit to her name: author. After months of reading scattered excerpts
and articles in anticipation of her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns), we finally got our hands on it at a release party hosted by Tory Burch last night. (The two became friends, Burch told us, after Kaling tweeted her this: "I love you Tory Burch, you closeted bling-loving Indian woman, you.") We spoke with Kaling at Burch's flagship store on Madison Avenue.

Do you have any dream co-stars?
I think I'd like to work with unknowns, actually; I think that's kinda fun. I mean, I say that now and then someone amazing wants to do it …