Mirror Mirror Trailer: Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer Have a Snow White Movie, Too


Oh man, you guys. Oh man. All the Snow White cards are on the Snow White table now! The trailer just came online for Mirror Mirror, Tarsem Singh's more comedic take on the classic fairy tale, and we are having so many reactions to it that we don't know where to begin. Well, here's one preliminary thought: They didn't do themselves any favors by putting this out five days after the genuinely impressive teaser from rival movie Snow White and the Huntsman. In comparison to the epic adventure promised by Huntsman, Singh's Mirror Mirror looks small-scale and more than a little campy-chintzy, and it's a bit of a shock to see Julia Roberts doing a broad comedic take on the Evil Queen after Charlize Theron's seductive Huntsman villainy. (There's no question that when it comes to the reading of the classic "mirror, mirror" line, Theron wins hands-down.) On the other hand ... this movie seems utterly bananas. Everyone is dressed in super-insane clothes and saying the weirdest lines and it's undoubtedly way more comic than you were expecting, and it's not even clear how much of that is on purpose. All we know is that when Armie Hammer's handsome, frequently shirtless prince told Roberts, "I think Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the world," and her Evil Queen replied blithely, "Agree to disagree!" ... well, we laughed. And we still aren't entirely sure if that was a good laugh or a bad one.