The Muppets Cater to the Nation’s Sizable Puppet-WWE Fan Base


When a disappointingly shirted Hugh Jackman hit the WWE ring back in September, the promotional overlap made a certain amount of sense: Wrestling fans could also probably be counted upon to enjoy the boxing robots of Real Steel. More surprising, perhaps, is that WWE fans — and the wrestlers, by the look of it — are apparently vocal enough Jim Henson supporters to merit a twelve-minute skit by the Muppets on last night's Monday Night Raw. It was a little strange, sure — but also a little great, once Kermit started throwing the "Your Mom" jokes around. Also on hand: Dr. Bunsen and Beaker, who are in the final stages of developing their own energy drink; Stadler and Waldorf, ever reliable with the old people jokes (plus a Stone Cold pun); and a very flexible Gonzo. It's almost as fun as the time Snooki head-butted that lady.

The Muppets go to the mat on WWE's 'Raw' - [PopWatch/EW]