Party Lines Slideshow: Eddie Murphy, Brett Ratner, Ben Stiller, and More at the Premiere of Tower Heist


Tower Heist, Brett Ratner's action-comedy starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy as crooks plotting to steal back from a Bernie Madoff–type thief, opens this weekend. But when we spoke with Murphy at the premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre last week, we wanted to hear more about his next big collaboration with Ratner: the Oscars. How did Ratner get Murphy to host? "He was talking about all the possible different hosts he could use," he told us, "and I said, 'You know, if I hosted it, maybe we could get some buzz for the movie.'" Ratner told a similar story, adding, "I'm a big fan his; a big fan. Rush Hour wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Eddie. He reinvented the action-comedy genre, and I've been a fan of his since I was a little kid. Working with him was literally a dream come true. I wanted to pinch myself the whole time." Gushing aside, what can we expect from their awards collaboration? "Still brainstorming," Ratner told us. "We have a few months to get the ideas together, so we’re not there yet." Then we suggested a skit where someone (we nominate Ben Stiller) is trying to steal an Oscar. "Oh, that would be good," Ratner says. "That would be fun!" You heard it here first. For more from the Tower Heist premiere, click through our slideshow.