Watch Person of Interest Check Under the Hood


Person of Interest pulls from a lot of pop sources. There's a Minority Report-style knowledge of events before they actually transpire. There's a Law & Order-like pacing to the New York-set procedural, particularly as it pertains to the city's underbelly. There's a lot of cat-and-mouse storytelling, a lot of Big, Dark Secrets hovering over most of the characters, and it's damn near impossible not to identify Michael Emerson's twitchy vigilante mastermind as a distant cousin to Lost's Ben Linus. One show we didn't expect to see on PoI, though, was Top Shot. And yet, here we are! Tomorrow night's* episode makes it clear that Reese (Jim Caviezel) could totally moonlight on the marksmanship reality show, especially if he had Finch (Emerson) spotting for him. Though it's not clear how much spotting one needs when the target is driving straight at you.

*This post has been corrected to reflect the correct air date of this episode.