Pitbull Is Suing Lindsay Lohan for Suing Him


Back in August, the legally challenged former starlet sued Pitbull over a potentially libelous line in "Give Me Everything" (specifically, the line about how Lindsay Lohan spends a lot of time in jail).  At the time, Pitbull very politely took to the Internet to explain that the lyric "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" is not actually about prison time, but instead "a positive message" about running your particular corner of the 'hood.  Gentlemanly enough. Then, apparently, Pitbull got hip to that whole morgue fiasco and realized that Lohan actually does have a fairly significant incarceration habit.  He's filed a countersuit, claiming that her multiple prison sentences support the lyric, and also that Lohan was ineligible to file the original suit in New York, since she is demonstrably a resident of California. (Because, well, she spends a lot of time in its jails.)  Memo to clubs of the greater Los Angeles area: This is definitely not the week to resurrect "Give Me Everything."