Prime Suspect Is Done

Photo: Neil Jacobs/NBC/? NBCUniversal, Inc.

Given its ratings and that it was nowhere on NBC's recently announced mid-season schedule, the following comes as no surprise: Maria Bello's Prime Suspect is shutting down production. The show — which was good! — will finish filming all thirteen episodes of its original order, but will wrap up after that. The series never caught on with audiences, and though NBC exhibited much patience with it, the Peacock did not have a full season's worth of patience. Those of you who are not focusing all your save-this-show mojo on Community might consider sending a fedora to NBC in protest. Or, if that's too much trouble, just wearing one. Certainly, we here at Vulture will henceforth consider hat wearing of any kind (in our imaginations, Maria Bello did not, after all, just wear fedoras) to be a subtle homage to the fallen series.