Project X Trailer: Todd Phillips Has a New Hangover Recipe


How about a little hair of the dog? Director Todd Phillips is between Hangover movies right now, but he's produced a low-budget comedy that's meant to pick up where The Hangover left off — or, more accurately, meant to illustrate the kind of intoxicated madness that usually comes before a hangover. It's called Project X, and now there's a trailer for it, and it's basically your familiar "nerdy kid threw a party while his parents were away" narrative, but with a heavier dose of Girls Gone Wild sapphic smooching, a cast of complete unknowns, and an inexpensive but polished aesthetic that looks straight out of an energy-drink commercial. It also has an enjoyably detailed MPAA description to go along with its R rating: "Crude and sexual content throughout, nudity, drugs, drinking, pervasive language, reckless behavior, and mayhem — all involving teens." Expect the exact same sentence to be used as the plot summary when you watch this on demand late next year.