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Rampart Trailer: Woody Harrelson’s Officer Down

In the recent trailer for The Hunger Games, a bewigged Woody Harrelson trains Jennifer Lawrence to go out there and kick some ass, but in the new trailer for Rampart, he's a cueball who does all the dirty work himself. Harrelson plays a law-skirting police officer — the trailer and poster brag that he's "the most corrupt cop you've ever seen" — who gets in trouble when a beating he delivered is caught on tape. Not that it makes him change his ways all that much, since he continues cutting a swath through Los Angeles, sleeping with both his ex-wives (Cynthia Nixon and Anne Heche), who happen to be sisters — awkward — and brushing off his newfound notoriety to go after a comely woman he meets at a bar (Robin Wright). Even Sigourney Weaver's tough police investigator gets drawn in, and as Weaver told a Vulture reporter recently, she shot a sex scene with Harrelson, too, though it was ultimately cut. There's just something about those bad boys ...