Even Real Estate’s Dogs Have Awesome Sweaters


Loyal Vulture readers and knitwear enthusiasts will know that emo-rapper Drake currently wears the Sweater Weather crown, thanks to novel concepts such as the "Dinner Sweater" and the "Milk-Shopping Sweater." But Drake is not the only musician with a pullover collection: Witness the brand-new video for Real Estate's "It's Real," featuring not one but four dapper gentlemen rocking their autumn finest. Patterns! Elbow patches! These men are not afraid of experimentation — their sweater game is on high. They even managed to get a few of their canine co-stars in on the action (technically, that might be a blanket at the 56-second mark, but it's knitted, so it counts). This might be a good time to mention that "It's Real" also stars a bunch of truly adorable dogs, some of them in green, sparkly bow ties. And on that note, we won't distract you any longer; it's Friday! Enjoy the happy dogs.