Rihanna Turns The X Factor Into a Mosh Pit


Have you surrendered to the Ibizan (or Berliner, or wherever the Euros are tripping out to House music these days) pleasures of Rihanna's "We Found Love" yet? An unscientific Vulture experiment found that it takes about ten listens before you're holding your own personal sidewalk rave, so persevere, if you haven't yet given in. And if you are onboard, then you will certainly enjoy Rihanna's first live performance of the single, from last night's X Factor. It's essentially the "We Found Love" video without the drugs, the Chris Brown look-alike, the sex, or the rainbow-cigarettes — so just a joyous, Skins-y dance party. Rihanna doesn't even bother with choreography for most of the performance; she and her crew just jump around in a circle. It's fun to watch and also heartening, because that's how the rest of us look when dancing to "We Found Love." (Except for the garters under the jeans, maybe.  That's a Rihanna-only look.)