Rihanna’s Talk That Talk Did Not Debut at No. 1 or No. 2

Rihanna, not talking.

Instead, her 197,000 albums sold lands her at the No. 3 spot on this week's Billboard chart, behind Michael Buble's Christmas album and Nickleback's Here and Now, which both sold around 227,000 copies. This is perhaps not the most confidence-inspiring sales report, especially when you consider that indie frat-rap sensation Mac Miller recently sold 180,000 albums in his first week, while Beyoncé's 4 — now generally considered a commercial disappointment — managed 310,000 in its first week. But a quick counterpoint: Rihanna's Loud debuted at No. 2, selling 207,000 copies, and that album delivered multiple No. 1 hits and the sexiest milk-shopping you ever did see. Where is your adorable bodega video, Michael Buble?