Rivers Cuomo Wrote a Song for Cee Lo


Before you ask why, consider that in recent months Rivers has also written a State Farm jingle, dueted with iCarly, and started taking voice lessons. Dude is just doing him. So, the more pressing question is what in the world does it sound like when a dude from Weezer and the guy from Goodie Mob team up to make a pop song? Weirdly, it's a little ... disco. "Anyway" is still your Cee-Lo bread and butter, with the earnest dedications to his lady, the bouncy piano, the earwormy hook — there's just a little seventies electro shimmer dancing around the edges. (Is that the Rivers influence? It's not like he couldn't be into disco at this point, given the rest.) "Anyway" also comes with another of those handy, giant-type lyric videos that make the listening so easy. Note to all other musicians: We are totally cool with these videos becoming a trend. (Hire this guy!)