Universal Chief Awesomely Disses His Own Movies, Including Cowboys & Aliens


Movie executives are often willing to snark on other people's movies in private (or via Nikki Finke), but few studio chiefs are willing to speak honestly of the bad films they themselves green-lit. Enter Universal big boss Ron Meyer, who appeared at the Savannah Film Festival this week to light the fuse on a dazzling array of truth bombs. "We make a lot of shitty movies," Meyer told the crowd (according to Movieline). "Every one of them breaks my heart." In fact, Meyer can point to four misfires that haunt him in particular, and he broke down their failures in excruciatingly awesome detail.

Universal Chief Ron Meyer Addresses VOD Fiasco, Admits Cowboys & Aliens, Land of the Lost, Wolfman Kinda Stunk [Movieline]