Safe Trailer: Jason Statham Is a Kick-Ass Babysitter


Thought exercise: If you, while riding alone on the subway, noticed a random group of almost certainly armed thugs chasing a young, terrified girl from car to car, what would you do? Alert the authorities? Start weeping on the spot? Or would you summon all the courage in your heart and ask yourself the all-important question, What Would Jason Statham Do? For future reference, the answer is trip one guy, backflip another straight into the subway pole, steal the gun from a third, and shoot up all the creepsters in the span of ten seconds. This is only the first totally badass action sequence in the trailer for Safe, which pits Statham's noble former cop against basically every New York mafia in existence ("Get everybody on this! The Chinese, the Russians"), all for one adorable 12-year-old girl. She knows the code, they want the code, then Statham learns the code, and it's all very grimy and dramatic, but one question remains: What totally awesome new killing method will Statham invent for this one? We hope it involves branding numbers on people.