Scarlett Johansson Is Very Familiar With Woody Allen’s Skin Ailments


But not in a gross way (or, not in that gross way). ScarJo tells Vanity Fair that she and Allen are still friends because she serves as the hypochondriac director's amateur medical consultant. "I've diagnosed all kinds of his skin tags, lesions, ailments. I've prescribed things for Woody that he's then asked his doctor to prescribe for him." In order to scrub the phrase "Woody Allen skin tag" from your mind, please also be informed that ScarJo discusses those photos in the profile, and that she's not ashamed of them in the least. "They were sent to my husband, she says (meaning ex Ryan Reynolds). "There's nothing wrong with that." Plus, her aesthetic assessment of the leaks: "I know my best angles." So, for future reference, hiding behind a hotel blanket is one of Scarlett Johansson's "best angles." [VF]