See Beaker's Secret, Pre-Bunsen Honeydew Past


With The Muppets opening in two weeks, we found ourselves bathing in nostalgia for all things Hensonian. And in the middle of a deep Google search for clips and pics of one of our favorite Muppets, Beaker, we made a shocking discovery. While it's hard to think of the perpetually meeping lab assistant anywhere other than by the side of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, we uncovered some vintage photography that reveals that Beaker actually had a long and fascinating life before being hired as a guinea pig by Muppet Labs. As we leafed through vintage photos of the 1900s, it seemed Beaker popped up everywhere, from being part of an Old West gang to attending an Elvis concert; he's half-Zelig, half-Waldo. Click on to see this slideshow of visual proof that Beaker has far more stories to tell than just "Did I tell you about the time I got stuck in a copy machine?" (Photographic enhancement courtesy of Jon Defreest.)