Here’s Fred Savage’s Wonderful, Kirk Cameron–Dissing Happy Endings Cameo


On last night's episode of Happy Endings, Alex starts seeing a guy who's really into elaborate dates. (On their first one, he overeagerly rents out the whole restaurant. He's annoying.) When she finally asks him if they can just have a relaxed night in and watch The Princess Bride, he invites over a very special guest, one with particular Princess Bride cred: Fred Savage. Fred Savage! Savage, who has directed a number of Happy Endings episodes, absolutely kills his cameo, both dissing Kirk Cameron ("I told him you want someone to phone it in, get Kirk Cameron. You want someone to be a savage, you get Fred. Savage.") and pronouncing hummus with that authentic back-of-the-throat, pre-loogie-hocking noise. We know he's a director now, but get this man a sitcom! Bonus points — as always — awarded to the Happy Endings creative team for utilizing Savage without making a Wonder Years reference. Never go for the low-hanging pop-culture reference when you can go for The Princess Bride.