Are You Ready for a ‘Sickeningly Kiddie’ Snow White Movie?


The makers of the two rival Snow White films have staked out distinctly different territory: The first to arrive, directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Julia Roberts, will be colorful and comedic, while the gritty, Rupert Sanders–directed tale starring Kristen Stewart will recast Snow as a battle-hardened knight. And though Singh's current film is the ultraviolent, head-exploding Immortals, he's very happy with his choice to be helming the more innocent of the new Snow Whites. "They asked me if I wanted to make it edgy and I said, 'No interest, absolutely no interest,'" he tells Moviefone. "It's a children's movie, but my stuff tends to be polarizing. When it's for children, it's like, sickeningly kiddie, and when it's the other way, it's sickeningly graphic for people. Both are OK for me. It's comme ci comme ça that I'm terrified of." In fact, Singh thinks that the makers of the other movie may have pushed their material too far: "It's a fairy tale for children and the family. Just embrace it. If you want to push the envelope and make Snow White edgy, I think edgy for whom? Edgy for Disney or edgy for Gasper Noé?" [Moviefone]