Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer: The Fairest Snow White, If Not the Fastest


Snow White and the Huntsman lost the release date advantage to Mirror MirrorHuntsman will be out June 1, three months after its rival fairy tale movie has already premiered — but it won one important battle: It got its trailer out first, and this teaser is no rush job, either. It sells a large-scale adventure movie with Charlize Theron's Evil Queen luxuriating in her mid-Atlantic vowels, bathing memorably in milk, and ordering a hit on the fairer Snow White (Kristen Stewart). However, the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) ordered to slay Snow decides to train her instead, teaching her swordplay and suiting her up in armor à la Tim Burton's recent Alice in Wonderland. Will this early peek at Snow White manage to pull focus from Mirror Mirror's trio of Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, and Armie Hammer? We're still waiting to hear whether Julia can transform her million-dollar guffaw into an impressive evil cackle.