Meet Stanley Tucci’s Fiancée (and Emily Blunt’s Sister)

Stanley Tucci, Felicity Blunt==RAMPART private screening and after-party==Landmark Theatres Sunshine Cinema and Garden Room at Imperial No. Nine Mondrian Soho N.Y.C.==November 01, 2011==? Patrick McMullan==Photo - CHANCE YEH/

While we were chatting up Stanley Tucci before an already-late screening of Rampart on Tuesday, Über-publicist Peggy Siegal seized his arm and whispered to us, "He's engaged!" Oh? "Yes, it's on the Internet," Tucci shrugged as the inimitable Siegal ushered him into the theater. Later, when Tucci arrived at Mondrian Soho for the after-party, he dutifully posed for photos and then walked over to a woman waiting nearby and gallantly took her wrap to the coat check. "Is this your fiancée?" we chirped. "Yes," the actor said. "This is Felicity." We congratulated the lady and asked if she's seen all of Tucci's movies. "Yes, I have, actually," she said, laughing, and sounding exactly like her sister, Emily Blunt. "A thousand times," Tucci said. Even his scary turn as the neighborhood psycho child-killer in The Lovely Bones? "Yeah. Luckily I think I saw that before we were together," Blunt said. "Because otherwise to see that during would have been quite ... " she shuddered, laughing. Next, she'll get to see Tucci in The Hunger Games, and though he didn't get his own poster, Tucci says he looks pretty similar to how his character is described in the book: "Blue hair." Tucci says he's only read the first book of the trilogy. "I didn't read them all; I'm reading them book by book. I don't want to know."