Steven Soderbergh Takes Bitter Pill

Steven Soderbergh. Photo: Joe Corrigan/2010 Getty Images

A wrench was thrown into Steven Soderbergh's plans for early retirement when his intended second-to-last film, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., recently fell apart in the casting stage. Still, Soderbergh isn't one for sitting down on the job (at least, not yet), and THR reports that he's already lined up a replacement project: The Bitter Pill, a thriller about pharmapsychology. Studios are circling the movie now, and Soderbergh intends to shoot it in the brief window he has open before directing his final project, Behind the Candelabra, a Liberace biopic set to star Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. E! also reports that Soderbergh is about to go back for strip club reshoots for Magic Mike; the things he does for all of you!