Watch a Sneak Peek of This Week’s Suburgatory


When ABC's new hit sitcom Suburgatory began, it felt a little too Juno-ish in its sardonic banter, but now the increasingly endearing show is really finding its own voice. Jane Levy's Tessa is getting more vulnerable, and her comic patter with Jeremy Sisto's George has fallen into a more relaxed paternal pattern. Most important, though, the last few episodes have really humanized Cheryl Hines's Dallas character: Sure, she's a grown-up Regina George in a lot of ways, but she's warm and caring in her own way, too, becoming an increasingly credible force in Tessa's life. Watch this sneak peek of Wednesday's Thanksgiving episode (written by the show's creator and executive producer Emily Kapnek), which finds the unlikely pair on a girls' day out in Manhattan, where they stumble upon a very unexpected sight.