What Shows Will You Be Catching Up On Over Thanksgiving?

SONS OF ANARCHY: L-R: Ron Pearlman and Katey Sagal on SONS OF ANARCHY airing Wednesday, Nov. 26 (10:00PM ET/PT) on FX. CR: Prashant Gupta/ FX. Photo: PRASHANT GUPTA/FX

Thanksgiving: family, food, football, etc., etc., etc. People have all kinds of traditions! But one thing everyone in this fine nation looks forward to over the holiday is a chance to catch up on all the delicious, wonderful TV he or she has been stockpiling for just such an occasion. Is there a show you've been waiting to catch up on? Are you finally gonna hunker down with Sons of Anarchy? Do you have seven episodes of Raising Hope burning a hole in your DVR? Or are you busting out the big guns and Netflix-ing Mad Men like a mad man? Let's hear it: What are you planning on gorging yourself on — TV-wise — over Thanksgiving?