The Firm Trailers Are Strangely Self-Aware


The first teasers for NBC's new television version of The Firm are here, and it looks a little less like The Firm than Firm fans might have firmly hoped for, firm firm firm, but these brief snippets aren't a lot to go on. The show is set ten years after the events of the book and movie, and now the McDeeres are ready to come out of witness protection (is ... that how it works?), only to discover that they're still in danger. Josh Lucas takes on the Tom Cruise role as Mitch, with Molly Parker as his put-upon wife, Tricia Helfer as one of his enemies, and Juliette Lewis as his quirky assistant. "It's happening again," a panicky Mitch pants into a payphone, which is true in a number of ways. The Firm is happening again, lawyer shows are happening again, Josh Lucas is happening again, etc. Mitch can have "it's happening again," but "it's all happening again" really belongs to Barney and Mrs. Butterworth on The Simpsons.