HBO's Kids Are All Right Show Would Be a Prequel ... Sort Of


When HBO announced that it was developing Lisa Cholodenko's Best Picture nominee The Kids Are All Right as a potential new series, reports also indicated that it would essentially be a continuation of the movie's plot. That's not quite true, producer Celine Rattray told us at yesterday's Take Shelter after-party. "The five characters return, and it doesn't just pick up where the film left off, it shows their lives before and after. Right now, we're figuring out if we show what happens with the meeting in the movie. We don't quite know yet." Rattray cautioned that they're still fairly early in the scripting, but said, "We would be lucky if any of the actors return for this." And though Ryan Murphy and Sean Hayes are both developing network sitcoms about gay parents, Rattray isn't worried: "Ours is HBO, so it will be more risqué. It'll be fun."