Trade Roundup: Jack Black, Jim Henson


Syfy’s getting into comedy with its purchase of Ghost Ghirls, a paranormal parody that’s executive produced by Jack Black. Lady improvisoirs (that is a word now, because I just said it) Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci will “attempt to solve paranormal mysteries each week while trying to prove to themselves and their customers that they are competent ghost hunters.” Pretty sure “competent ghost hunters” is an oxymoron of some kind. Anyway, this sounds funny.

NBC has ordered a script for The New Neighbors, “a single-camera comedy project that centers on a family that lives in Palm Springs and is aghast with their new neighbors – a gang of puppets.” It’s being produced at Jim Henson Studios and Jim’s daughter Lisa Henson is an executive producer. Single-camera plus puppets…get ready to be DELIGHTED!