Trade Roundup: Jonah Hill, The Cult of Mac, Four Play


Jonah Hill will guest host Live! With Kelly on Dec. 6. It’s just a one-day stint, not a whole week like NPH or Seinfeld, but who knows? He could be the next Reeg.

ABC has bought a new single-camera comedy called The Cult of Mac from Australian writer Tony McNamara. It’s about a man who “casts back into his 1987 Chicago childhood with his iconoclastic/crazy dad Mac for inspiration in parenting his progressive modern San Francisco family. Dads, traditional vs. modern families, and parenting challenges? Yeah, this’ll do fine on TV.

Meanwhile, NBC’s purchased the provocatively-titled Four Play from actress Liz Vassey. The comedy “revolves around four people creating an unlikely family while raising a newly adopted child.” In other words, there’ll be modern families and parenting challenges in this one too. Ooh, I can already tell that next year’s competition for Cutest Baby on TV is gonna be stiff.