Trade Roundup: Steve Carell, Ben Stiller, And Weeds


Welcome back to the trade roundup, or as it should rightly be called, the Steve Carell Movie Tracker. Dude’s just added ANOTHER project to his list of upcoming movies. This one’s called Lunatics and it’s about “two soccer dads whose conflict with each other grows into a series of escalating events until both of them are sent running for their lives.” Ooh, a series of escalating events. Sounds…pretty typical for a movie, actually.

It looks like Ben Stiller is going to be making some TV shows! He has a general production and development deal with ABC that lasts till 2013, which is definitely enough time to round up the original cast of The Ben Stiller Show for a reboot. Consider it, Stiller.

Weeds is officially coming back for an eighth season, which might be its last season? It kinda feels like every season has been the last of this show since season 5 or so, but they always manage to keep going. Like a stoned energizer bunny. Good for them. (P.S. Can we talk about how I scheduled this post for exactly 4:20? I know, I’m good.)