U.K. Animators in ‘Crisis,’ Threaten to Outsource

Courtesy of Aardman Photo: Courtesy of Aardman

Millions of children overseas (and the odd American child with Anglophilic parents) will have grown up with the stop-animation genius that is Wallace and Gromit — the hair-brained inventor saved time and time again from the evil little penguin by his commonsensical, yet mute, dog. Now the company that produces the series, Aardman, says it may have to pack up its Bristol studio and ship those animation jobs overseas. Citing a "crisis" in the industry — Bob the Builder creator HIT bought by Mattel, and Dangermouse's Cosgrove Hall shuttered — Aardman says cheaper talent overseas will win out unless the British government steps in with tax credits, like it does with non-animation companies. Do what must be done, Prime Minister Cameron, austerity be damned!