There’s a Where’s Waldo? Movie in the Works

Where's Waldo? Photo: Classic Media Distribution Limited

Where's Waldo? is set to become Where's Waldo?: The Movie, which is to the delight of no one in particular but arrives to the general consensus of "Huh, I guess? I'm surprised that didn't happen a long time ago." Waldo, known originally as Wally in his native England, is the star of seven books that have sold 55 million copies, and a pretty easy and still surprisingly pervasive Halloween costume. The Waldoverse — the ever-elusive Waldo, his friends Wilma and Wenda, his enemy Odlaw, the Wizard Whitebeard, etc. — was adapted into a cartoon in the early nineties, but MGM is planning a "live-action family adventure," they announced today. John Krasinski, don't let your agent talk you into this.