Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did 'Uptown Girl' Best?


Everyone lost their virginity on Glee last night! It was sweet, it was tender, it was only a little bit theatrical. Still, what would an episode of Glee, even such a momentous one as this, be without the Warblers? So here they are, with a version of Billy Joel's "Uptown Girls" that will make the ladies swoon, and ... wait, who is that slut flirting with Blaine?! Anyway, we've got some competition for them today: a straight-up slick boy band called Westlife, an Australian X Factor contestant, and a couple of kids at church. Plus Elton John. Watch them below and tell us: Who did "Uptown Girl" best?

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Everyone knows you got to smooth it out and slow it down. That's how you get the ladies.

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Angelo Philip

Just a boy with floppy hair and a little dream.

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Andrew Lawson

When you're from Down Under, all the girls are uptown girls.

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Elton John

From one piano man to another.

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Church Kids

The choreography really helps to unpack some of the song's deeper meanings.

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The Warblers

Keep those eyes to yourself, Sebastian.