The Year's Best Trailer Involves Kellan Lutz


Are you ready for the best trailer you've seen in ages? (And by "best," we mean "Mirror Mirror best" rather than "Snow White and the Huntsman best.") Then press play on this clip for A Warrior's Heart, a lacrosse drama starring Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene! There are so many twists and turns and surprises here that we really don't want to spoil it for you, but after you watch, can you answer a couple of questions for us? 1. Why is Ashley Greene narrating a movie that suddenly is not about her character? 2. Why does Kellan's hair change colors in every scene? (Is it like a mood ring?) 3. Finally, is there any better trailer sequence in recent memory than the section around 45 seconds into this one, where a scene of innocent, shirtless hate-flirting between Kellan Lutz and Chord Overstreet is suddenly followed by ... well, we should let you figure that out for yourself. (But the answer is no, there is not.)