A Projected Song List for Austin Powers: The Musical


Just in case the Austin Powers series does become a musical, here’s a rough draft of the song list:

I’m Almost Saying a Word for Testicles! … Full CompanyDo I Make You Horny, Baby? … Austin PowersWelcome to the 90s (Mama Cass: Ham Sandwich) … The FembotsOne Million Dollars … Dr. EvilSinging the Word “Shag” a Lot … AustinINTERMISSIONThe “Sh” Song … Dr. Evil and Scott EvilThe Romancing of Frau Farbissina … The FembotsBut Who Is Mini-Me? … Mini-MeSinging the Word “Shag” a Lot (Reprise) … Austin and Alotta FaginaSinging the Word “Shagadelic” a Lot Too … Full Company