A Sonnet About Dan Harmon’s Latest Blog Post


I have long thought that the ultimate level of success would be to have people write sonnets about your stream-of-consciousness 2:30AM blog posts. So without further ado:

Dan Harmon’s water-puking and foam-shitting,He’s just moved and it’s two thirty at night.But he says things look good from where he’s sitting.Despite the break, Community will be alright.The TV Guide award came months ago,Not just a reaction to the news so tragic,It’s proof that this timeline will truly glowWith fans’ love translated to TV magic.The ratings will be high on Thursday eve -We know this show does Christmas well, aft’r all -Hiatus doesn’t mean we fans should grieve,For Up All Night deserves a chance to ball.In short, a beauteous blog post/fan love letter -I hope Dan Harmon’s stomach’s feeling better.