American Psycho May Get a Remake


Bret Easton Ellis's novel American Psycho got a big-screen transfer only eleven years ago, but that hasn't stopped Lionsgate from pursuing a remake. Variety reports that the studio has tapped a writer to pen a new version of Psycho, though no director or other talent is yet attached. (There is a musical-theater version of Psycho percolating, too, but despite some recent read-throughs with Broadway talent including Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's Reeve Carney, that project is still at the workshop stage.) Here's a thought: Instead of remaking a movie that already boasts an iconic, hard-to-top performance from Christian Bale, why not get someone to write a remake of the hilariously trashy direct-to-video follow-up American Psycho 2, starring Mila Kunis and William Shatner? (Boy, things were really different for Kunis before Forgetting Sarah Marshall, weren't they?)