Arcade Fire Asks That You Wave Your Hands in the Air


Being the generous, "more is more"–type musicians they are, Arcade Fire actually made two videos for "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)," off 2010's The Suburbs. The first, interactive version is watchable here, and it's essentially a dance flipbook that you can control either by clicking or waving at the camera. (Vulture became convinced that our awkward arm-flailing would somehow end up on the Internet, and so we shut it down after 45 seconds; if something else happens later, please let us know.) The second video, below, is more straightforward, with some faceless zombie hipsters, a living bobblehead convention, and Regine Chassagne doing her best "Lotus Flower" moves. There's also a late-night dance party on a football field.  Anyway, do some very careful soul-searching about whether you're a spectator or a participant, and then pick the video that applies. Or watch both! So many Arcade Fire options.