Azealia Banks Can Be What You Like

Photo: Robin Little/2011 Robin Little

What has up-and-coming Harlem rapper and limbo enthusiast Azealia Banks been up to of late? Well, she’s been hanging in London; getting e-mails from Kanye; and recording new and delightfully raunchy tracks for your listening pleasure. “Liquorice,” which Banks unveiled on her Tumblr over the weekend, builds around Lone’s “Pineapple Crush” and will change the way you think about many foodstuffs in the future (she also posted the lyrics, with helpful annotations, in case you’re unclear which part of the body the “kizzat” refers to, exactly).  Two important facts: (1) according to Azealia, the song is at least partly inspired by Diplo (sure), and (2) that spelling is intentional: “’Licorice’ is the American spelling and ‘Liquorice’ is the British spelling. Come on people.” We are guessing that Banks’s new BFF Gwyneth Paltrow had something to do with this last point.

LIQUORICE by Azealia Banks