Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling Recommend Books Together, Just Because


If you are behind on your Christmas shopping and also in need of some North Korea insights, or maybe just curious about what Bill Clinton thinks about Tina Fey, then you are in luck! The Today show really has you covered. Clinton and Mindy Kaling were paired together this morning for a holiday book segment, and everything about it — including the part where Bill Clinton says he'd love to read the Terry Richardson Gaga book — was awkward and so excellent. Watch as Bill, who has clearly just met (and heard of?) Mindy Kaling three minutes ago, chuckles at the title of her book. Watch as Mindy learns that Bill reads Marcus Aurelius every year and gives him the side-eye. Watch as Ann Curry totally ignores poor, adorable Mindy Kaling at the end of the segment, so she can keep Clinton around a little longer. This is inspired television! Please, Today show, get these two a recurring book-club gig; we will read every pick.