‘Born to Die’ Video: Lana Del Rey Has Two Pet Tigers


If you are willing to spend five minutes on a shady-seeming Russian website, then you can now watch the divisive Lana Del Rey's first official (read: non-webcam) video effort, "Born to Die," which has somehow made its way across the Urals. (UPDATE: It's now available below.  We're keeping the Russian link in because it took us five minutes to remember the Ural Mountains.) As promised, the Woodkid-directed video takes place in a French castle (we assume that boudoir situation is French); there's also a side plot with the guy from that topless photo, some questionable driving choices, and some sort of bonfire blood ritual at the end. But the image you will likely see re-pasted all across the Internet is that of Lana, perched on a throne in the middle of a cathedral, with a flower crown on her head and giant tigers on either side of her. It is, in Vulture's opinion, the first time that Lana Del Rey has actually looked a little bit "gangster." More tigers, please, Lana. More tigers, please, everyone.