Cabin in the Woods Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Learns Horror Lessons the Hard Way


The Cabin in the Woods is a very meta horror film from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, but perhaps the scariest thing about it is how long it's been on the shelf: Goddard shot the film in March 2009, but thanks to MGM's business woes, it languished on the shelf for years. In fact, in the time since the film was made, Whedon not only recommended Cabin star Chris Hemsworth to Marvel for the role of Thor, he ended up directing Hemsworth in that part himself for The Avengers, which is due out in theaters just weeks after Cabin finally comes out this April. Now we've got a look at the trailer for Cabin in the Woods, and it puts a unique spin on the conventional story of young hotties getting picked off one by one in a remote location: This time, the nubile cabin crew is trapped by a high-tech force field and forced to fend off zombies, slashers, monsters, and other horror mainstays that are pointed at their cabin by the movie's mysterious villains, who appear to have done their horror movie homework on a level that the killers from Scream would appreciate.