Cameron Crowe Almost Enjoyed That David Denby E-mail


For many people, the highlight of Dragon Tattoo Embargo Gate was a quote from David Denby's leaked e-mail to Scott Rudin, in which The New Yorker critic tried to justify his decision to run an early review. "We had a dilemma: What to put in the magazine on December 5? Certainly not 'We Bought the Zoo,' or whatever it's called." But how does We Bought a Zoo director Cameron Crowe feel about the slight? He is taking it pretty well, all things considered: "The Denby was almost funny to me because I felt like we were the people sitting at a table at the bar and this barroom brawl breaks out and they spill onto your table and you get knocked out," he told the Washington Post.  "So I’m like, hey man, I’m just having a sandwich here and Scott Rudin and David Denby just came twirling across and I got my jaw broken." Matt Damon, for his part, thinks that the world — and particularly film critics, ahem — could use a little less cynicism, and also that "it probably takes more guts for a critic to admit that this movie gets to them than it will for them to bash it, you know." Guts! We Bought a Zoo requires guts. Now you know.