Video: Watch Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, and Up All Night Get Off on Celebrity Punch Lines


Plenty of sitcoms name-drop big-time stars to show they're hip and topical, but Happy Endings, Up All Night, and How I Met Your Mother really go all out when it comes to using celebrities (and, well, "celebrities??") as punch lines. Take Happy Endings, which managed to work name-checks of "Marty" Scorsese, Neil Sedaka, and Phylicia Rashad into one episode. Hat trick! These shows are plundering People magazines old and new so frequently that we're seeing some strange overlaps, with multiple programs all referencing the same celebs: What are the odds that two shows would both pull out Edward James Olmos and Temple Grandin gags? Check out our rapid-fire supercut of all the A-through-D-listers spouted off by these three comedies' characters.