Pop Quiz: Can You Identify Crazy Conspiracy Theory Walls From Movies and TV?


Two weeks ago on Homeland, Claire Danes's Carrie Mathison, in the throes of a manic episode, did what a lot of very focused, very obsessive, often crazy people have done before her: She went and stuck papers on the wall to make a complex, inventive, deranged conspiracy-theory mosaic. (Fine, in Carrie's case, good friend Saul actually tacked everything to the wall, but she provided the raw materials.) Carrie is certainly not the first person to make a wall o'crazy, and so we thought her exceptionally well color-coordinated effort was the ideal occasion to revisit some crazy walls of the past and test your recall of them. Herewith, a quiz: Can you identify which film or TV show these collages come from? (Note that some are conspiracy-theory-driven, some are law-enforcement illustrations of mobs or crime rings, and some are just the work of very detail-oriented people.) Answers are at the end.