Eleven Beverly Hills, 90210 Alums: Where They Are Now — and Where They Should Be


During its ten-year run, Beverly Hills, 90210 was a desirable Zip code for photogenic young actors looking for a stepping stone into prime time. One of these actors was Kathleen Robertson, who played Clare Arnold during the gang's California University days and has recently reemerged on the TV schedule as Kitty O'Neill in the gritty Starz drama Boss, which airs its finale tonight. The show has garnered critical acclaim and a second-season renewal, but what's most gratifying for us former 90210 fans is watching Robertson as the sometimes bare-breasted assistant to Kelsey Grammer's corrupt Mayor Tom Kane. This got us wondering: Where would we like to see other semi-memorable 90210 supporting characters show up? We offer career advice to eleven other former 90210-ers, Brenda's prom date and Donna's figure skater cousin included.