Faux Lonely Island Holiday Albums Jet to the Top of Imaginary Christmas Lists Everywhere


Lonely Island staged these amazing-looking album covers for GQ, and all we can do about it is buy sweaters? SWEATERS? Will sweaters have us humming catchy tunes about incredibly mundane things all day? Will sweaters produce music videos that look like 1970s swingers party populated by Eurotrashy amateur DJs? Will sweaters introduce us to Justin Timberlake? (Note: if you know of a sweater that does any of these things, please tell me so I can buy it.)

There’s also an interview with the Three Islandeers, a terrible alternate name I just invented, in which they reveal that Michael Bolton was the first and only choice for the Jack Sparrow video, and how Andy’s grandma describes “Dick in a Box” to her friends. Put on a magic sweater and check it out!