Time It Took Charlie Sheen to Get a Million Twitter Followers, and Other Hollywood Trivia

Courtesy Jacob Cohl.

For its annual "Hollywood by the Numbers" feature, the Hollywood Reporter pulled some interesting little numerical tidbits from the past year in entertainment, including the number of scripted NBC shows in the top 30 this season (that's a big fat zero, but who ever said ratings were everything) and these next highlights:

Time it took Charlie Sheen to rack up a million Twitter followers: 25 hours and 17 minutes

Number of previews for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark: 183 (a Broadway record)

Number of days for James Cameron's Avatar to earn $1 billion: 17

Number of days for video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to do the same: 16

Check out the full list to see how many pounds of papal vestments Jeremy Irons wears in Showtime's The Borgias and Adam Sandler's Rotten Tomatoes score deficit.