How David Fincher Placed Rooney Mara’s Piercings

Photo: Columbia TriStar Marketing Group

Rooney Mara's strawberry-blonde merkin wasn't the only carefully considered aspect of the Lisbeth Salander look in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. As David Fincher tells EW, finding the right place for Salander's many, many piercings was also paramount. "Rooney’s a beautiful girl. She can look like Audrey Hepburn — but she can also look like a boy," explained Fincher. "So we’d decide where we wanted to put the stud through her eyebrow by asking, 'Where is it going to be most in the way? Where is the most distracting place?'" Of course, there were other considerations, too: "We had to be really sure that the nipple piercing was in the place where it was going to catch the light." Moviemaking!