Jeremy Piven Apologizes for Entourage's Odd Bleeping in Syndication


Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jeremy Piven confirmed that the Entourage movie has been "commissioned," and regarding the syndicated TV show, apologized for the bleeps, "fudge," and "flarfegnugen" coming out of Ari Gold's FCC-clamped mouth. Plus: Nick Kroll took himself to task over explaining important historical phenomena to his future child. You know, like 9/11, the Holocaust, and who exactly Michael Jackson was. Well, at one point, he was something that resembled a "squirrel skeleton with frightened eyes." And Jim Parsons, now 38 and clad in a brown velvet (?) suit evoking Larry from Three's Company, was carded — for cigarettes, no less — four years ago. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.